With powerful engines, heavy armor, and fleet full of fighter planes, the USS Hornet is ready for action at the peak of WWII. An aircraft carrier exists in its ability to move at will about the world's oceans, projecting power at sea whenever and wherever it is needed. The NEED is NOW. You have recently been put in command of the USS Hornet with the task of a vital and top secret mission. Before you can move an inch in the water you realize that the previous Captain, in order to safeguard the secrets of the mission, locked the engine room.  To unlock the room you will need to quickly solve a series of clues that he has left behind. The fate of democracy and the end of fascism is weighing heavily on your shoulders. Do not let America and its Allies down.


There are 6 locks that need to be opened in order to gain access to the engine room and begin your mission. Acquaint yourself with the ships history & capabilities along with what has happened in the war up to this point. This knowledge will be KEY to your success.  Hurry there is no time to waste. 


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